Size Chart

Ring Size Chart

You can determine your ring size in two ways:

1. Using an existing ring

Where you have an existing ring that is the same size as the ring you are ordering, please print off our ring size chart (Click here to download a printable pdf copy of our ring size chart) and place the ring over the circle that best matches the size. Match the inside edge of the ring to the circle. Note this PDF must be printed to 100% for accurate results.

2. The string method

1. Take a piece of string and place it around your finger.
2. Hold the position that fits comfortable around your finger with your other hand
3. Then place the string along side a millimeter ruler to measure the length.
4. Use the chart to calculate your size.


Perform the above operation when your finger is at its largest, in the evening Your finger is at its smallest in the morning when your finger is cold.



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